We’d like to Thank all our clients who participated in Sushi Queen’s Sushi Lessons, and Sushi making parties, sushi party catering, We appreciate Your Comments, feedback, & Suggestions! Please kindly  email at keiko@sushiqueen.co.uk

Happy New Year! I hope that you’re well. I was trying to write a review but I couldn’t find how to do this. However I wanted to share my thoughts about our experience in December and give you permission to share this on any profile or website.

Taking your sushi making class via AirBNB experience was one of my top five favorite activities in 2018. It was truly a beautiful experience. You are one of the most talented chefs around and we ate the finest quality sushi and sashimi. I was deliberating between this or taking my fiancé out to a Michelin star restaurant to celebrate our engagement and I am so happy that I chose this class with Sunshine. I have already recommended my friends to take a class with her in 2019. This is the perfect experience for couples, a good group of friends, family or any sushi enthusiast.

By Gabriella

Hi Keiko

Sorry for late reply, I just arrived back in Mallorca late on Sunday!
I wanted to Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the course & by making it bespoke for my requirements, you really covered everything I wanted to learn! It was most enjoyable & I learnt a great deal, in fact i realised how many mistakes I had been making in the past  – you are a very patient & brilliant teacher!
Thank you for the printout & I will definitely look you up again for a further course when I am in London again!
Please keep me up to date with any courses you are running in the meanwhile.

Best regards, Joya.

Dear Keiko —

Sushi Queen by name, Sushi Queen by nature….

I wanted to write to thank you for all your hard work in ensuring Davids birthday party was a success yesterday.

You did an absolutely fantastic job, the food was all delicious and you catered so generously thank you, I can’t believe how much everybody ate…. twice their own body weight in sushi I reckon!!

As well as providing a superb service on the day of the party I wanted to thank you for your flexibility during the menu selection process.  I really appreciate the fact that you were open to new ideas and so accommodating throughout.

After having sampled both your bespoke sushi course and your catering service I wanted to tell you that I am super impressed and delighted with your product and shall be recommending you to all my friends.

Please feel free to pass on my details should you ever need a reference.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

With kind regards
Jane S


Hi Keiko,

I had a great time in your class. I cannot see ways in which the course can be improved. Limiting the size to a small amount of people is definitely a wise choice and is a sign of quality teaching. The pdf you sent us is extremely useful, so people do not have to take notes while they take the course, but rather can concentrate on the cooking itself.
Kind regards, Gio

Hi Keiko

Thank you for a brilliant day on Saturday, we all had a great time. I think we all learnt something new – especially how to use a knife properly. We were all amazed at how good the Sushi looked & it tasted fantastic. I would highly recommend your course.


Hello Keiko,
thank you so much for the lesson, the email with all the different ways of making sushi and the pictures.
We loved the lesson, we will send you some pictures next time we make (try to make) sushi. Thanks also for the addresses of fish mongers and Japanese stores.
Testimonials Testimonials Dear Keiko,
Thank you so much for making Saturday evening so successful, it was great! We had a big Sunday sushi lunch which was equally tasty!
Looking forward to receiving the recipes and to a repeat evening when we have something to celebrate.
Dear Keiko
We loved our lesson and the sushi we made – thanks so much for making everything so clear.Kind regards

We had a fantastic time preparing, learning and eating it! it was very very good- thanks for that. Will have a look at all the info you attach and will let u know if any queries..;) .
Best regards
I am sending some photos with thanks
for a delightful afternoon. You were
very organised in what you brought,
the ingredients were first class and
it was all very efficient. I am amazed
about what I remember you told us!
My office colleagues have all
had home made sushi and were very
impressed! A great way to spend time
with your family and having fun!
Wow – what a fantastic lesson.
You are an excellent teacher – calm
andcould work with people of differing
knife (!) abilities. Thank you so
much for spending such a great deal of
time with all of us. I enjoyed the
sushi we made very much. I will
recommend you to everyone I know and
will forward
your e-mail onto the other sushi
makers. I know they enjoyed it as
much as I did.
Brilliant, thankyou.
We so enjoyed it all
and our friends were
amazed by the food…the
taste, the presentation
and the amount on the
table.Thankyou so much for
coming. My friend who
came to dinner that night
has taken your details
and is hoping to book
you for her birthday.
Thank you very much for
the email and photos.
We all enjoyed eating the
sushi and the men really
enjoyed their afternoon
with you.Thank you once again.
Thank you for an enjoyable and worthwhile lesson!
I did make some sushi and it was almost successful
I used ingredients from Sainsbury, but the rice seasoning
was not as tasy as the one that we made in class, and the
Sainsbury Sushi Rice is not very sticky.
I am going to go to a Japanese shop and buy better
ingredients.However, I am going abroad soon for Christmas,
so I will not be able to make sushi again until next
year.The class was very informative and good fun.Thank you for a lovely and informative class.
I enjoyed the afternoon immensely.
I would like to join the sashimi class. I look
forward to see you again.
Many thanks for the recipes and photos.
Thank you so much for the photos and recipes
My Husband enjoyed himself so much on Saturday
that when we went out food shopping on Sunday
he was looking for the rice
so he can do it all againFood was lovely and we had so much
we invited our neighbour round to enjoy it
with us. It was a great
lesson and he said it was the best birthday
present ever,so I think that says everything
I would just to say thank-you for Friday
evening. My friends and I had a
great fun evening (and far too much wine!!!)
and we really enjoyed it.
Thank you for the photos etc, very kind of you.
Just wanted to say
thank you for coming to
us yesterday and for
teaching us the ways
of sushi!We both had a great time
Thank you for the
recipes and for a
lovely time at the
sushi class!stef and i had a great
time, and the sushi
was great too.Thanks again
I’ve had wonderful timeyesterday.Thank you so much
Thanks for the photos and recipes.
We had a great time on saturday and
I would
highly recommend you to my friends.
Hi Keiko,Thanks for the sushi
We all really enjoyed
and learnt alot!
Thankyou very much for yesterday ! My husband REALLY enjoyed it , and me and the kids LOVEDEating it !Looking forward to some great sushi nights in !
Thank you so much for everything
Thank you for that, andthe photos.We both really enjoyedourselvesand learnt a lot.
Thank you so much.
We are going to meet again as a
three and make some sushi without you!)
and we will be back in touch.
Keiko showed us how to cook the best sushi rice ever as well as how to prepare Tasty sushi and sashimi and now we could makesushi at home in a short period of time and learning how to make sushi saved us lots of time, before we spent whole daycooking sushi rice and making sushi.We enjoyed every minute of it. We highly recommend this class to sushi lovers.By Mary and Roger