*Private Fine Master Sushi Sashimi Class

Learn The art of Sushi making by Chef Keiko who have worked for Gordon Ramsay Maze Sushi bar, and featured on C4, and
RedBull TV

Make 25+ pieces of Sushi rolls, Nigiri, hand roll, have Fresh sashimi

£340 for 1 
£460 for 2 (Special Price £420 – all private classes, book by May 20th )
£560 for 3
£650 for 4
£700 for 5
2.5 ~3 hours at your 

Plus £60 travel fee – If requested learning at your kitchen(Zone 1-2) £70 Crossing river zone 3&4

private sushi lesson

Hands on Private Sushi Cooking lessons by Chef Keiko who is featured on C4 food programme
Discover How you could easily prepare Sushi in a few Hours learning from an Expert skills and tricks
Learn step by step how to make tasty Sushi with practical information

Ingredients are included – Sashimi fish is from the same fish monger Nobu uses

  • You’ll learn how to prepare the perfect Sushi rice, washing, cooking and mixing.
  • How to cook your own sushi vinegar seasoning
  • How to add more flavour umami to prepare delicious sushi rice
  • 6 types of sushi to learn
  • how to prepare vegetables, and raw fish filling for sushi maki roll how to make big sushi rolls sushi inside out roll thin hosomaki roll hand roll. 
  • Fish cutting techniques using Salmon and Tuna 
  • How to slice Raw fish for Nigiri sushi
  • How to make sushi nigiri, and gunkan sushi
  • basic sashimi slicing method using salmon and Tuna (Fine Quality finest fish from the same fish monger Nobu uses.)
  • how to prepare tiger prawns for nigiri sushi Salmon nigiri, Tuna Nigiri, Prawn Nigiri, Gunkan sushi
  • Raw Fish and hygiene 
  • How to identify freshness to eat raw
  • Sushi Etiquette
  • Step by step sushi guide with photos, and most Japanese shops’ addresses in London

All the sushi you produced on the course is for you to enjoy with your family and Friends.
Where to buy Japanese ingredients-where to buy sushi grade fish, Japanese fish mongers and Japanese supermarkets info and recipes for the classes are given at the beginning of the class or email it to you.

Sushi Making experience for two in London
Private Sushi classes London

*Private Gourmet Sashimi & Sushi Class 

£350 for 1 person

£480 for 2 persons

£580 for 3 persons/ £680 for 4 people / £750 for 5 people

Inc of ingredients 2.5_3 hours at clients’ kitchen

Plus £60 packing & travel fee 

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This Private Sashimi & Sushi class is popular among clients’ would like to learn how to prepare sashimi, Japanese style carpaccio, tartar
You’ll learn how to prepare sashimi in this course with a few advanced sushi rolls, Slicing technique of raw fish with salmon, tuna and learn how to fillet sea bass, or sea bream

  • How to prepare Sushi rice
  • How to prepare Sushi seasoning with umami
  • Intermediate Slicing technique of raw fish with salmon, tuna and thin slice of sea bass or sea bream
  • How to prepare daikon radish  for sashimi presentation
  • How to make ponzu sauce
  • make sashimi salmon, tuna, and sea bass
  •  sea bass carpaccio
  • Tasty Tuna tartar with Japanese spice with Lime
  • how to make dragon rolls, and rainbow rolls
  • Spider rolls
  • How to prepare Nigiri

 _MG_2120nigiri 1


Private Japanese cooking class

Master Japanese cookery courses – 2.5~3 hours
Online sushi class available of Introduction to Sushi

£298 for 1 person
£370 for 2 persons
Plus travel fee £60

You’ll learn how to make
Japanese rice cooking
Dashi/miso soup
Teriyaki cookery
Tempura cookery
Or choose 2 menus listed below
At your kitchen plus Travel fee £60

private sushi lesson

Private Japanese cooking class at your location

Menu 1
Tempura Prawn and Vegetables
How to prep prawn & vegetables
How to prepare Tempura dipping sauce
Agedashi tofu

Menu 2
Ramen 3 ways 
Miso Ramen / Shio Ramen / Shoyu Ramen
BBQ Pork

Menu 3
Teriyaki-Learn how to prepare teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Salmon
Chicken or beef teriyaki with Stir fried veggies
Stir fried veggies with udon or yakisoba

Menu 4
Black cod saikyo miso bake and Miso Dishes

How to prepare Black cod saikyo Miso bake
Aubergine Nasu dengake
Miso soup of the day

Meat & Vegetable Gyoza
Yakisoba noodle
Japanese Fried rice

Sukiyaki beef

How to prepare sukiyaki sauce and sukiyaki beef, tofu, and vegetables

Menu 7
Miso Lamb
Spinach tofu mix
Wakame Cucumber vinaigrette