Sushi Catering Menu & Sushi Canape Menu

Sushi Catering for Dinner Party & Birthday party 

Sashimi – Salmon and Tuna
Nigiri Tuna and Salmon ( could be seared Salmon nigiri)
Spicy Tuna Sushi rolls 
Salmon avocado sushi rolls
California inside out sushi rolls with tobiko with prawn/crab & avocado
For vegan
Roasted pepper sushi rolls / Inari tofu/ vegan futomaki sushi rolls
Cucumber Avocado sushi rolls with sesame

For Main Course
Add Chicken Teriyaki + (totally £80 pp with sushi /sashimi)

Add Salmon Teriyaki / Salmon Miso + £80 pp
Add Sirloin Steak Teriyaki £90 pp
Add Fillet Steak £95 pp

Add Black cod miso £99 pp
Add Grilled Sea Bass + £90 pp
Add Wagyu Sirloin ( Minimum order is 2 portion which is 200 gram £170)
Extra For Logistic – Packing, tools, and Travel fee from  £100 ~£150 depending on your London location

Zone 2-6 £120~£150

Japanese dessert extra £7
Green Tea gateau cake/ Yuzu citrus cake /Pumpkin cheesecake /Earl Grey cheesecake/ Green tea mochi /Fruit
Sake pairing available (extra)
If you’d like only Sushi/Sashimi for event, it is starting at £60 per person for 10 people

Sushi demo live prepared for wedding party, Party and Event
300 ~400 pieces of selection of sushi & sashimi
£2190 ~ 500 pieces
Plus Travel fee (£150 ~£200 depending on locations in London)

Sushi party Menu
Canapé Menus

Sushi rolls
Salmon Avocado sushi Roll

California Inside out sushi rolls with prawn/crab & Avocado & tobiko caviar
Spicy tuna sushi roll with dill & cucumber
Seared Salmon sushi roll with yuzu miso
Unagi sushi rolls
Salmon Sushi roll
Tuna Sushi roll

Vegetarian sushi roll
Cucumber & avocado inside out sushi roll with sesame
Roasted pepper & cucumber inside out sushi rolls
Inari tofu pocket sushi

Nigiri Sushi / Sashimi
Salmon – £3.7

Tuna – £4
Sea Bass – £4
Yellow tail -£4.3

Seared Sashimi / Tataki / Seared Nigiri

Yellowtail Carpaccio with ponzu sauce – £4.5 ( Minimum order 25 pieces)
Salmon Carpaccio with lemon ponzu / jalapeño – £4
Sea bass with lemon ponzu / olive oil – £4.2
Seared sesame crusted Tuna tataki with lemon ponzu – £4.3
Beef fillet Tataki with teriyaki sauce/or ponzu sauce – £4.9

prawn £3.9 (Minimum 30 pieces)

Chicken  Gyoza – £3.9
Chicken Skew – £8

Spicy prawn – £3.9
Green beans sesame – £3
Nasu dengaku Aubergine – £3.9
Miso soup -£5

Japanese Dorayaki – £4
Earl Grey Cheesecake – £6
Pumpkin cheesecake – £6
Lemon Cheese cake – £6
Matcha chocolate gateau – £7
Yuzu drizzle cake – £7

£3.9~£6.2 per canapé
order must be over £500

Sushi Dinner date night for a couple

Date night dinner for a couple for a special occasion
£400 in zone 1 and 2 /extra fee apply for zone 3~6 outside London, 

Sashimi Salmon and Tuna
Nigiri Salmon & Tuna
Spicy Tuna Sushi rolls
Salmon avocado cucumber futomaki Sushi rolls
California sushi rolls 

Main (choose one kind of main)
Grilled Salmon Miso, or Teriyaki
Teriyaki Sirloin or Chicken
Grilled Sea bass
Grilled miso rack of lamb with sansyo
Grilled duck breast with orange teriyaki sauce
Dessert of the day

Hire mobile Private sushi chefs Japanese Sushi catering  for
Thanksgiving dinner party, birthday party, cocktail party,
wedding catering, business launch, Christmas party, New year’s eve party, corporate party catering in London and surrounding areas

We will source the finest ingredients to create Sushi and Japanese dishes
Raw fish we supply from same fishmonger as Nobu.
Let us assist you in the planning and preparation of your party
Free initial consultation to personally design your menu.

On-site Sushi and food preparation at your location
Sushi bar at your home
Sake selection by certified Sake sommelier
We cover London Dinner Party catering, Lake District Japanese Sushi dinner party catering