Japanese Cooking Class

Private Japanese cooking classes

Japanese cookery courses – 1.5~2 hours
£180 for up to 1 person at Sushi Queen’s kitchen
£250 for 2 persons

inclusive of ingredients
At your kitchen plus travel & packing fee + £35



Menu 1 – £180 per person

Tempura Prawn and Vegetables
How to prepare Tempura dipping sauce
Ten-don dish
Miso soup of the day


Menu 2 – £180

Teriyaki-Learn how to prepare teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Salmon
Teriyaki Chicken or beef  with Stir fried veggies

Miso Soup of the day


Menu 3 – £200 per person
Black cod saikyo miso bake

How to prepare Black cod saikyo Miso bake
Wasabi Mash

Miso soup of the day


Menu 4 – £180
Simmered Miso Macherel – Saba miso
Green beans with sesami sauce
Miso Soup of today


Menu5 – £180

Meat & Vegetable Gyoza dampling cooking class
Yakisoba noodle
Japanese Frid rice

Menu6 – £190

Sukiyaki Beef
How to prepare sukiyaki sauce and sukiyaki beef and vegetables

Menu 7 – £180

Pork Katsu Curry – Le’s cook Japanese Curry & Pork Katsu


Menu 8 – £190

Dashi Soup Stock
How to make Dashi soup stock
Cook miso soup with dashi
Several Miso soup ideas with cooked Vegetables

udon noodle soup with dashi stock

Menu 9 – £190

Pork Ginger
potato salad
Japanese style Chicken karaage