Sushi Class online Zoom
Introduction to sushi – Learn How to make Sushi online using zoom £55

Learn How to roll delicious Sushi rolls online using zoom your PC /ipad – £50 – 1.5 hour

£55 per 1 student /£99 per 2 students 
Private Online zoom Sushi class (private sushi roll class is £150 pp / £199 for 2 students)

March 21st/28th  17:30pm – 19:30pm
April 5th  19:00pm – 21:00pm

You will learn
How to prepare Sushi rice – Washing/ cooking / mixing
How to prepare Sushi vinegar seasoning
How to prepare sushi roll ingredients – cucumber /avocado/salmon etc
I will tell you what Sushi rolls ingredients could be and ideas

How to roll 4 kinds of Sushi rolls

Futomaki Sushi rolls with salmon, cucumber and avocado
California inside out sushi rolls with crab sticks (prawn) & avocado & tobiko
Hoso maki Sushi rolls with cucumber & sesame
Temaki Hand Sushi rolls with salmon and avocado – corn shaped sushi rolls

Shopping lists will be sent before the class so that you could make Sushi together

Then I will send you the recipe file to you
Payment could be sent by bank transfer (Bank transfer is £30)

Online Gyoza Making Cooking Class – £30 £30

Nov 23rd – 18:30pm to 20:00pm – £30 click here to book

You could pay by bank transfer

Learn How to Make Chicken and Vegetbles Gyoza from scratch
About this Event

Gyoza making class – Learn How to make Gyoza

About this Event

You will learn
how to make Gyoza and Gyoza wrapper

How to make gyoza dough for gyoza skin

How to roll out gyoza wrapper;How to prepare

Chicken Gyoza

How to wrap gyoza to Gyoza skin
How to cook Gyoza

How to make Gyoza dipping sauce