Where I grew up in Japan, Nagasaki we eat lots of raw peanut in Summer for snacks.
People in Tokyo Kanto areas, they have lots of Edamame.
I remember We always ate boiled peanut before dinner in Hot summer days in late July to late September , and my father has it with Beer.

In Summer Grocery shops sell raw peanut in a Shel
We boil them with bit of salt, and have boiled raw peanut.
Taste creamy and nutty Very Addictive.
But We almost eat that every day.

Farmers harvest the peanuts with Shel, they wash them and dry them under the sun for a week or so.
They sell both raw peanuts and dry peanuts in a Shel in the market.

When we have lots of dry peanut, we slightly roast, and removes the peanut skins.
Then we soak the roast peanut in a water over night, and next day we use the blender
to make peanut milk.

This recipe is so delicious, I always ask my mother to cook for me.

How to make Peanut Tofu

Slightly roasted peanut (no salt) 200gram
Water 800ml
Potato starch 55 to 60 Gram
Soak in water over night and blend it in the morning.
You need to separate peanut with the muslin clothe and squeeze the milk out
and you will get peanut milk and peanut residuum (okara in Japanese)

How to make Peanut Tofu

Peanut Milk Tea, it is very nice 🙂

Then add 55 – 60 Gram potato starch or Kuzu to the peanut milk, and slowly cook with the raw heat and stir it to combine them, and cook until it will become like sticky

Then you cool the content in a square plate or shallow plate or bat.
Wait to cool it down, and keep it in the fridge to keep it for an hour.
Serve with Sweet miso.
Miso diluted with Mirin

Hope you enjoy the recipe!
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