I would like to write How to cook sushi rice

How to cook Sushi Rice,

Sushi rice has to be wash gently with your hand with water, and wash it for 5- 7times until the water runs clear.
Then you could soak it for 30-60 minutes, but if you haven’t got time, you could skip this process.
After that, put 300ml rice with 300-330 ml water to the pan with the lid, and cook with the medium high heat and bring to boil, and you simmer it with the second lowest heat for 12-17 minutes.
And the lid has to be always on, and after you simmer with the second lowest heat for 12 – 17 minutes , you turn off the heat and wait 10-20 minutes to set the rice with the lid on.

And you could mix the steamed rice with sushi seasoning.

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How to cook Sushi Rice