Sushi Dinner for date night for a couple

Romantic Date night dinner catering for a couple 
£280 plus travel fee £70~120 depending on your location


Sashimi Salmom (could be thinly sliced salmon carpaccio)
Nigiri Salmon & Tuna ( Salmon could be seared – Aburi Salmon Nigiri)
Spicy Tuna Sushi rolls
Salmon avocado cucumber futomaki Sushi rolls
California inside out Sushi rolls with crabmeat /avocado/tobiko

Main (choose one kind of main)
Grilled Salmon Miso, or Teriyaki
Teriyaki Sirloin or Sirloin steak, or Chicken
Tempura prawn & vegetables
Grilled Sea bass with herb butter & lemon
Grilled miso rack of lamb with sansyo
Black Cod Miso

Side vegetables (choose one)
Green beans sesame or brocolli
Salad with ginger salad dressing/or Sea weed Salad
Miso Aubergine
Grilled Miso Asparagus

Japanese dessert – chooce one
Raspberry chocolate tart  / matcha roll cake / matcha gateau cake
Sake pairing available (extra)
Japanese dinner party with a bottle of Premium Sake could be added

Teppanyaki Date nite Dinner catering – £300 plus travel fee(£70 -120~)
Salad with Japanese dressing
Grilled Prawn
Grilled green beans & courgettes
Sea Bass/ or grilled chicken
Egg Fried rice
Sirloin Steak teriyaki/ or Blkack miso / or Wagu beef (extra £150pp)
Dessert – Fruit / or Selection of Japanese cake