Yuzu drizzel cup cake

Have you ever smelled Yuzu?
Yuzu is Japanese citrus fruit has got elegant citrus flavour.

My grandfather loved planting all sort of trees, plants, and flowers in his garden, such as umeboshi plum trees, pear, peach, summer orange, zabon orange (Huge orange), oranges, figs, kumquats, ferns, tea trees, grapes, sansyo tree ( Japanese pepper), Yuzu tree, and so on.

Yuzu drizzel cup cake Yuzu

Yuzu drizzel cup cake Zabon
 Summer orange (yes, it is a tall tree)

We’ve enjoyed loquats which was about 6-7 metres high, and beared thousands of loquats.
In season People in the neighbourhood visited us and asked if they could help themselves
to climb this tree and eat the fruit.

Around 3:00 to 6:00pm, a few people always were on the tree enjoying this delicious fruit loquats.
We ate so much of them, too.
Sadly, one neighbour claimed the land the loquats tree was grown, they insisted it belonged to them,
It was probably 50cm mistaken by the authority measured it wrong.
and they chopped the tree and planed their tobacco since they chopped this tree. Pity…

So coming back to Yuzu tree, Milk farmer, he always asked my family if they could have some yuzu,
so that my parents gave them free every year, and they gave us freshly squeezed Milk.
Milk from this farmer was creamy and Delicious.
Milk farmer told us that they would feed Yuzu to milk cows to prevent parasites in the cows stomach.

My mother makes yuzu-kosyo with yuzu zest with green chillis, and my father uses this yuzu-kosyo for sashimi instead of wasabi.

Yuzu Drizzel Cup cake Recipe
50ml flour
1 tea spoon cream of tartar
2 tea spoon bicarbonate soda
125 ml butter
125 ml yogurt or milk
150 ml sugar
2 table spoon Yuzu juice ( I used Yuzu juice in a bottle, little salty but nice :))
2 table spoon lemon juice
1 lemon zest grated
Mix flour with ctt & bisoda
Add soft butter sugar mix all together and Yuzu lemon juice
yogurt & egg mix well
Add and mix all together
And put it in a cup cake paper bake at 150c for 10-12 minutes until you see brownish top
Smell so nice and soft
Yuzu and Lemmon drizzle cup cake

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