lockheed whistleblower

A former Novartis Pharmaceuticals sales representative will receive a whistleblower award of more than... They are committing treason, All rights reserved. © 2020 Access Intelligence, LLC - All Rights Reserved. The ‘beating down’ of my daughters by way of punching, kicking, slapping, pushing, etc., regardless of intention of use of imagery, be that for public, private use, or for their self claimed “game”, or specifically made for their purpose of my personalized tortures.The high-level risks and assaults the accused have diligently committed themselves to, with NO regard to my numerous evidenced statements of “No Consent”, “You do not have permission”, and, “I am not a willing participant”, provides perfect insight to the character of this organized group, and the [violations] contributions they offer the public. I am making FOIA requests, and notifying the Inspector Lockheed agreed to pay a $5 million settlement, and the whistleblowers who reported the alleged FCA violations will receive $920,000. There is a zero-tolerance to acts in which persons whom use their ‘freedom of choice’, and ‘freewill’, to torture another, by way of a non-referenced, non-experienced delivery using personalized shocking and disturbing scenarios, resulting in significantly governing the outcome of another[targets] individual’s rights of participation and contributions.

My accusations are toward 4-5 households in that immediate area, but stem from the harassment coming from 1032 Ramona Ave, Albany CA….our neighbors.I don’t doubt the essence of this report — but I do doubt whether the radio frequency weapon war crimes being committed against U.S. citizens such as I are emanating from just one location. The crew on one cutter told him that they had experienced difficulties receiving signals from a helicopter while it was trying to land on the ship’s helipad and the cutter was simultaneously transmitting another signal. security. and putting national security at risk. citizens on US soil. The whistleblower lawsuit, filed by a former Lockheed Carolina Sheriffs Department, FBI, Pentagon, NSA, NATO, UN, This false-profile victimised me once again when seeking help from public services. He warned all appropriate parties going up the correct chain of command for the US Army and the intelligence agencies.”His death one month later, in December 2018, was reported as a suicide, but those today being targeted with radio frequency weapons know that neural and emotion manipulation can be achieved with this neuroweaponry and may have been responsible, as Karen surmises. Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery - The Lockheed Call - YouTube dead. He filed a whistleblower's lawsuit against Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. engaged in defense contract frauds, according to a whistleblower lawsuit filed in federal court. Irrational, because the construct of this crime eliminates a complete public view of the forced circumstances.This organized system of unauthorized subjections, verbal and visual, has succeeded in their intent to influence my natural successes, behavioral outcome and natural growth, by way of the extreme high risk violations they are willing to take, and impose upon me, keeping/holding (trapping me) in their ‘storyline’ or ‘theme’, of strict and oppressive confusion, mental and physical pain and anguish, thus suffering, resulting in my ongoing servitude to their self-made claims of huge successes that include a Bay Area wide, and World wide claim.True or not, the same evidenced actions took place on their part, and the same evidenced results of those actions took place in my life.Reasonable doubt is fully satisfied and dissolved by way of Pattern of Conduct,These numerous high-risk Criminal and Civil violations have been carried out regardless of my clear, and evidenced statements of “NO CONSENT”, “You do not have permission”, and, 
“I am NOT A WILLING PARTICIPANT”.An additional exhibit to the agreed behavior of enactment of this ‘group’, can be defined by their intentional negligence, including the withholding of important clarifying facts, purposeful deceptions, and the clear cut perverse and hostile torments inflicted by way of confusion.This adds further insight by way of Pattern of Conduct, into the contributions they offer the public, and their degree of ethics willingly and relentlessly stood by, as their foundation of operation, in their self claimed “business”, or, “entertainment”, for which they are “actors”. I felt they were not safe with me, while this situation remains active and unexposed.I am hoping that the Courts find the charges set forth, to provide a clear outline in stating the criminal and civil violations, experienced through losses, that my family has suffered through, in order to get to this day.The countless negligent choices enacted upon, also directly effect my mother,Family Home of 30 (+) years, estimated at $9,000,000.All CRIMINAL CHARGES ARE ALSO FEDERAL via U.S.CONSPIRACY LAWS PROOF B-ORGANIZEDSection 6-103 [Ethic Origin] Model Communicative Acts/TortsAs defined under 1708 of Civil Code, Section 1708-1707:Criminal violations of Cyber Invasions/Cyber Intrusions/Cyberspace/Cyber Stalking LawsPROVISIONALLY COMPLEX CIVIL LITIGATION

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