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the beginning of one or more structural blocks containing rocks and structures unrelated to The Hayward Fault is typically the core concern for experts offering With the Bay Area population now over 7 million people, nearly 3 million people are living along the fault. As that portion includes the so-called It is primarily the likelihood of a severe earthquake on the Hayward or San Andreas faults that has spurred a substantial effort to Memorial Stadium supporting columns diverging at the top due to "Startling quake threat discovery", David Perlman, Contra Costa Times article, February 6, 2007, page 1 The study cites the U.S. Geological Survey in estimating there is a one in three chance a 6.7-magnitude earthquake or greater will shake the Hayward fault in the next 30 years. The progressively more severe reports and estimates of event probability and consequences have awakened a broad interest in training people for emergency response. Since then, nearly three million people have moved next to the Hayward fault with little regard for its earthquake potential. fault zone is considered to be the most probable source of a major earthquake in the San Click the link below to look at different faults in the Bay area as well as other neat maps of the Bay!To share this video via email, copy and paste the message and URL below into your favorite email client and send. The San Francisco Bay Area is vulnerable to damaging earthquakes. or through the alluvium, the western boundary of the fault is generally considered to be the In this computer simulation constructed through a collaborative effort between the Recovery from catastrophic events can take months, even years as proven by the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Maria. The historic earthquake generating activity has been concentrated in the western portion of In June 2006 Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) management announced that they have elected not to modify the Berkeley Hills Tunnel, which actually penetrates the Hayward Fault, arguing that it would be cheaper (and less disruptive to current operations) to rebore a misaligned portion after the fact than to protect riders (either by extensive modifications of the tunnel or by replacing it with a higher bore) against the small likelihood that a train (or two) would crash into or be cut in two by a major slippage of the fault. Each oval outer section carries two inner train tubes of circular cross section and a central rectangular access and rescue tunnel, with the void between elements filled with concrete. Calaveras fault. The transform boundary defined by the San Andreas Fault is not perfectly straight, and the stresses between the Pacific and North American Plates are diffused over a wide region of the West, extending as far as the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. rocks, trending north 30 degrees west and ranging in width from about 2 to 10 kilometers. California’s Department of Insurance states that only about thirteen percent of us are prepared with earthquake insurance.CEA affordable and flexible home earthquake policies:Whether you are a homeowner, mobilehome owner, condo-unit owner or renter, find out about how to buy the best choices in earthquake insurance. The western boundary of the zone is less clearly defined, because the alluvium There are many easy tours you can take to get a closer look at this subterranean beast, as well as maps to find out how close you live to the fault and what seismic hazards—such as landslides or liquefaction—exist near you. It is becoming widely understood that professional fire fighting, police, and medical services will be overwhelmed by a major event and that neighbors will have to assist each other as best they can. Check out the Even with the record number of earthquakes that hit California, Californians remain unprepared for the big one. This work continues to date, with many of the compilations for Central and South America countries having been published. Hayward Fault Home; History; Tours and Maps; Hazards and Preparedness; More Info; Hayward Fault M7 Simulation. It is expected that these segments may fail singly or in adjacent pairs, creating earthquakes of varying magnitude. You can also view a shake map for the event and see how severe the earthquake was in different parts of the Bay Area.Along with great virtual tours, the USGS has many wonderful sets of maps of the Bay Area that show different aspects of living in such a tectonically active area. Note that damaging shaking would occur over a wide tract and be especially severe around the margins of the Bay in areas underlain by bay mud. Severe earthquakes were generated by this fault zone in 1836 Official state Earthquake Fault Zone maps that govern construction setbacks and disclosure are produced by the California Geological Survey. The Hayward fault zone is truncated to the south by the of the San Francisco Bay and Santa Clara Valley basins obscures bedrock and structural The connection between the Rodgers Creek Fault Zone and the Hayward Fault Zone was unclear until 2015 when a survey of the floor of San Pablo Bay found that the ends of the two faults were smoothly linked between In October 2016, scientists found definitive evidence that the Rodgers Creek Fault and the Hayward Fault are linked together under San Pablo Bay. For those interested in more information on the famous 1868 Hayward fault earthquake, the USGS has great information about this event. It’s a Will you be able to pay for the damages to your home and belongings when the big one strikes? relationships. Brabb. BART trains travel between San Francisco and Oakland through an underwater tube structure. In 1992, the USGS agreed to help compile maps and fault descriptions for countries in the Western Hemisphere (North, Central, and South America, as well as Australia and New Zealand). Select from 5%-25%deductibles. In its northern extent, the Hayward Fault lies directly beneath the portion of A severe earthquake is more likely to disable the offshore causeway portions of A major route for commuters traveling from Southern Alameda County, the San Joaquin Valley and the East Bay hills to Parallel to the Eastshore Freeway and inland only two blocks is a four-track railroad route used for general freight traffic, including that generated by the In addition to extensive modifications to over crossings and elevated structures, largely to prevent dismantling due to shaking or destruction by soil failure, several other unique system feature require special treatment.

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