100 Monkeys in Glastonbury

It is raining crazy in London these days.
In middle of June, I visited Glastonbury. I started thinking of visiting there around 2 years, and after visiting Avebury I and friends decided to visit there.
It was quite a journey from shopping incense, decorative accessories for home and beautiful stones, visiting Chalice Wells where spring water represents the blood of Christ miraculously springing forth from the ground when Joseph of Arimathea buried or washed the cup used at the Last Supper,  I tasting this holy water,and climbing up to The Tor, and having Lunch at 100 Monkeys.
Actually drinking holy water from this spring ( Video) tasted much much more delicious and pure to me..than drinking red coloured iron rich taste in the middle of the garden..
Food at 100 Monkeys tasted divine, and they season the food with real salt, it is best to cook food with sea salt.

 Home made pita bread at 100 Monkeys

 Vegan Coleslaw- How beautiful!!!

 Vegan Pasta

 Much more for tomorrow!