What is Dashi? How to make dashi

You might be wondering What Dashi is, and you also might wonder how fresh bonito fish looks like?

Dashi is made from Bonito fish flake & Konbu dried sea weed
Bonito Fish – we call it Katsuo,
It is season in Spring in Japan.

We have Bonito raw in Japan as Tataki eaten with ponzu sauce
What is Dashi

Bonito is called Katsuo in Japan.
Bonito fish is dried, and it becomes famously Katsuo bushi = Bonito flakes

This bonito flakes make dashi with Konbu

Raw Konbu
Dried Konbu
Which is used to make dashi

1 piece of  konbu ( 10cm) for over nite in 1 litre of wate, and heat it to just before the boiling point, and remove
konbu, and turn off the heat, and add 20grm of Bonito flakes, andwait until all the bonito flakes sink at the bottom, and use seeve 7 mosli cloth to squeeze the dashi.

The colour of dashi is Golden.

This dashi could be used for Miso soup, and noodle soup, and chawan mushi etc.

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