Teppanyaki Dinner Catering

Sushi Queen offers Delicious Mouth watering
Teppanyaki Dinner catering service

7 course meal – from £890 for 10 people Plus travel fee

  1. Salad with Miso dressing, or Ginger dressing
  2. Prawn with Green beans & Corgettes
  3. Egg fried rice with Garlic
  4. Grilled Fish (sea bass)
  5. Main course – Teriyaki Chicken, or Sirloin steak with Japanese mushrooms
  6. Stir Fried Vegetables with Bean sprouts
  7. Dessert – banana Tempura, or Selection of  Japanese dessert

Extra/ Main course idea

Millet mignon
Rack of Lamb miso/or mint sauce
Wagu beef
Black cod miso
Salmon teriyaki/miso

Talk to us if you’d like to have different menu, and Sushi & Japanese catering
Teppanyaki catering is ideal for wedding catering, summer garden party, and corporate catering in London