Teppanyaki Cooking Class

Private Teppanyaki Cooking Class

£500 – 1 student – inc Ingredients
£850 for 2

Hibachi cooking class at clients’ kitchen + Travel charge £30

Group Teppanyaki cooking class – June 30th
12:00pm to 5:00pm -£380 – limited to 3 students

It might finish early if there is 1 student

Teppanyaki Cooking Class

Learn Teppanyaki cooking from an expert Teppanyaki chef who cooks for celebrity clients

Whatever type of Teppanyaki grill you have, we could help you learn the teppanyaki cooking skill, or help find you a resonable teppanyaki grill for your kitchen

SushiQueen is the original Teppanyaki cooking class company and guarantee unparalleled expertise and service.

Learn how to cook delicious teppanyaki meals, Steak, chicken, Fish, Prawn, Lobster, Vegetables, and Fried rice on a Teppanyaki Grill, and how to prepare your own Teriyaki & Japanese BBQ sauce. Teppanyaki hibachi cooking class is really entertaining, fun and delicious Hands-on cooking experience!

Hibachi Teppanyaki cooking class

  • How to cook tasty egg fried rice with Garlic
  • How to cook Japanese rice and how to add flavour
  • How to prepare Vegetables for Teppanyaki Cooking & onion volcano!
  • How to add more flavour for teppanyaki grilled veg, seafood, and meat.
  • How to grill prawns and fresh live lobster 
  • how to prepre live lobster
  • How to grill Salmon, chicken, and lib eyed beef or sirloin with Teriyaki sauce
  • How to prepare Teriyaki sauce, and Japanese BQ sauce
  • How to cook okonomiyaki pancake
  • How to clean Teppanyaki grill
  • Inclusive of ingredients
  • You could host Teppanyaki dinner Party for 5 people 

Advanced 2~5 days Professinal Teppanyaki Cookery Course

Learn advanced Teppanyaki skills

Learn how to create Japanese dipping sauces
2 kinds of dipping suaces
salad dressing
Miso soup
Ponzu sauce
Herb butter using Japanese herb etc
Mint sauce with Japanese twist
Teriyaki sauce
Barbeque Sauce
Black cod miso marination
Another spicy miso creation

How to cook
Chicken, Steak, Lamb, prawn, salmon, sea bass, Lobster, duck
Udon, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, selection of vegetalian platter
tofu etc