Tempura cod Fish & Chips sweet potato

Tempura cod Fish & Chips sweet potato

Tempura Cod Fish & Chips Sweet potato

When I first came to UK, I tried Fish and chips, and I sometimes crave fish and chips.

When I visit UK Tourist areas, I would like to try fish and fish somehow.

Today I made Tempura cod, and Sweet potato chips.

I made the beer batter with Japanese beer – Kirin ichiban shibori with Japanese 7 spice called shichimi.
How to make tempura batter go here – http://sushimakingclass.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/how-to-make-tempura-vegetables.html

Tempura cod Fish
shichimi – Japanese 7 Spice
You sprinkle this 7 Spice to batter and mix it together, and fried the Cod.
Tempura cod Fish
sprinkle 7 spice when you dish Tempura cod & Sweet potato chips
Serve with Garlic Chili sauce
It was so delicious, please try it!