Miso Ramen Recipe – Easy to cook

I love miso ramen, and I can’t get hold of Japanese ramen noodle
so that  I use spaghetti for ramen noodle.

It is so delicious and easy to cook.
And Miso is good for you.

Soy has too much estrogen that it is not so good for us,
but once soy beans fermented to miso, Soy beans miso becomes super food.
I think if you eat soy products, you should eat seaweed together.

I Thank my Japanese heritage and wisdom.
My mother makes Barley miso every year in June during raining season.
So koji (rice yeast) blossoms on barley easily I am guessing, She spreads the trays barley is on in the guest rooms.
and the smell of the room was full of mold and humid and warm.
It is different how home made soy bean miso is made, I can’t recall exactly how my mother makes barley miso.

Miso Ramen Recipe

Miso ramen ingredients

120g  spaghetti to boil
250ml of chicken stock or dashi
3 pieces x Spring onion finely chop
5g Leek if you have finely chop
1 or half bird eye chili
a handful of beansprouts
30 gram chicken, or pork, or fish ( I use seabass)
1 and a half table spoon of Brawn miso
1 table spoon veg oil or olive oil ( I love olive oil)
Black paper to taste
You could add asparagus and mushrooms if you like

Heat oil, and cook spring onion garlic, and leek together,
when you smell the garlic is cooked, add meat and red chili, and season with black pepper, and
stir in miso, and beansprouts, cook for a few minutes, and add dashi, then noodle, and dash of soy sauce.

Enjoy you Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen Recipe