Japanese Cooking Class

Introduction to Japanese cookery – £65 per class
Japanese & Sushi cooking class

11:30am – 2:00pm & 7:00pm – 9:30pm
How to use Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sake, Miso, Dashi,
rice vinegar, Yuzu

Hands-on class

*Introduction to Sushi – May 31st
Introduction to Sushi, sushi rice prep, how to make sushi vinegar, How to prep ingredients, how to roll 4 kinds of sushi rolls

*Nigiri & sashimi class
Nigiri sushi  with salmon & Tuna, Salmon sashimi, Ponzu sauce
How to slice raw fish for Nigiri sushi & sashimi

*Teriyaki Cooking class – May 9th
Teriyaki Chicken or Salmon, Miso aburgine, carrot kinpira, Miso soup

*Tempura Cookery class – May 16th
Tempura cookery class, Miso soup, and agedashi tofu

Learn How to prepare Japanese food in London

Which Soy, Sake, Mirin, miso, rice vinegar to use?

How to prepare dashi stock – Miso soup of the day
how to cook teriyaki sauce, ponzu sauce

where to buy Japanese ingredients?

Soy sauce tasting & Mso Tasting

Private Japanese cooking classes


Japanese cookery courses – 1.5 – 2.5 hours
£190 for up to 1 person – 1 dish – teriyaki, tempura, etc
£240 for 2 persons

At SushiQueen’s Kitchen

inclusive of ingredients
At your kitchen plus travel & packing fee + £30



Japanese Cooking Class

Private Japanese cooking class London 
1.5 -2.5 hours at SushiQueen’s Kitchen

Menu 1 – £190 per person

Tempura Prawn and Vegetables
How to prepare Tempura dipping sauce
Ten-don dish
agedashi tofu

Miso soup of the day


Menu 2 – £190

Teriyaki-Learn how to prepare teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Salmon
Chicken or beef teriyaki with Stir fried veggies

Miso Soup of the day


Menu 3 – £200 per person
Black cod saikyo miso bake and Miso Dishes

How to prepare Black cod saikyo Miso bake
wasabi Mash

Miso soup of the day


Menu 4 – £190
Simmered Miso Macherel – Saba miso
Green beans with sesami sauce
Miso Soup of today


Menu5 – £190

Meat & Vegetable Gyoza dampling cooking class
Yakisoba noodle
Japanese Frid rice

Menu6 – £190

Sukiyaki beef
How to prepare sukiyaki sauce and sukiyaki beef and vegetables

Menu 7 – £190

Pork Katsu Curry – Le’s cook Japanese Curry & Pork Katsu


Menu 8 – £200

Dashi Soup Stock
How to make Dashi soup stock
Cook miso soup with dashi
Several Miso soup ideas with cooked Vegetables

udon noodle soup with dashi stock

Menu 9 – £190

Pork Ginger
potato salad
Japanese style Chicken karaage

Menu 10 – £200

How to make miso