How to make Tempura

How to make prawn Tempura and vegetable Tempura

I love Tempura, who don’t?!
I used to steal some vegetable tempura while my mother was frying tempura.
I still could have whole meal even after I ate some…..

190ml  flour, We buy tempura flour from the shop.
180ml cold water, or cold Japanese beer – Asahi Beer, or Kirin Beer
1 egg york
some normal flour
500ml Vegetable oil
You mix egg york with little beer.
Slice vegetable like photos, and flour the vegetables and prawn before
you dip in the tempura batter.

Ideal temerature to deep fry Vegeable Tempura is 170C, and 180C for fish.
You fry vegetable Tempura first, and then fish tempura.

Enjoy your Tempura.


My sushi students made these Softshel crab maki rolls, they were so delicious!

I made this tempura, they looks delicious and it was tasty!

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