How to cook Udon Noodle Soup

I love Soba, Soba is healthy rich in thiamine.
And I also like Udon noodle.

We eat stir fried with mean and vegetables with Soy sauce or, Yaki soba sauce like Worcester sauce.

Udon noodle soup is nice having in cold winder days.

1 packet of ready made Udon ( you could boil dry udon )
250ml dashi or fresh hicken stock made from chicken bone
2 x table spoon Japanese Dark Soy sauce, Or 11/2 x table spoon Miso
1 x tea spoon Mirin ( No mirin if you fo for Miso)
1 x table spoon Wakame
2 x spring onion
1-2 piece of pointed cabbage ( cut it to bite size)
1 x egg
20-30 gram chicken chop it to bite size

Heat Dashi and add chicken, wait until chicken it cooked, add soy sauce,
and add udon, and drop 1 egg, wakame, and add mirin if you like,
Add cabbage & spring onions, wait till cabbage it cooked.
Serve it on a bowl, and sprinkle little Shichimi 7 spice.

This is with Miso

This udon noodle soup is with Soy sauce with dashi, Tuna, Scallop, wakame, spring onions, salad cress, asparagus. My late nite snack 🙂
I didn’t use mirin

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