How to Cook Soba noodle soup with Yellowtail

Have you ever tasted Yellowtail Sashimi?
Yellowtail has distinctive flavour that I can’t find with any other fish.

I love Yellowtail sashimi really thinly sliced, I can’t have it too thick, and this fish has to be super fresh to eat.

The other day I cooked Soba with yellowtail.
I bought Yellowtail sashimi, and I didn’t consume so that I kept it in the freezer too long that
I decided to cook yelowtail with Soba.

How to Cook Soba noodle soup


200 ml Dashi How to Cook Dashi
Soba ( need to boil for 5-10 min)
1 & half to 2 tablespoon Dark Japanese Soy sauce
1-2 teaspoon Mirin
50grm Yellowtail
2 spring onion chopped thinly
5 grm leek
1 clove of garlic (slice thin)
20 grm Beansprouts
Veg oil

Heat oil to cook spring onion, garlic, & leek, when you smell spring onion & leek cooked add bit of salt and black pepper, and add Yellowtail and cook, and add beansprouts and stir all together about 20 seconds, and add Dashi stock + Soy + Mirin, and taste if you need more soy, and add Soba.
You could garnish Fresh chopped Spring Onion and sprinkle sansyo pepper or Shichimi, or Both.

It is delicious with this yellowtail distinctive flavour.
It will make you so addictive, please have a go!

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