Group Sushi Courses, Japanese Cooking Classes and Teppanyaki classes

Group Sushi Courses, Japanese Cooking Classes and Teppanyaki classes

SushiQueen Cooking Classes are suitable for everyone and Fun, easy to follow, and Hands-on cooking experience.
Everything you need to make delicious, and Healthy dishes will be provided from the fresh and fine Ingredients by Keiko who will guide you through the whole process.
All the ingredients are hand picked and finest quality.
Join Sushi Queen cooking courses, and Learn to cook healthy delicious Authentic Sushi and Japanese dishes

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*Master Sushi Class £100

3-6 students Max – 3hours
Apr 21st Sat        11:00am – 2:00pm
May 12th Sat        11:00am – 2:00pm
June 9th Sat        11:00am – 2:00pm

Mimimum 3 students to run the class.
Hi Keiko,

I had a great time in your class. I cannot see ways in which the course can be improved. Limiting the size to a small amount of people is definitely a wise choice and is a sign of quality teaching. The pdf you sent us is extremely useful, so people do not have to take notes while they take the course, but rather can concentrate on the cooking itself.
Kind regards, Gio

Enjoy a unique hands on Sushi cooking course which teaches the secret of sushi preparation, including styles, Trics, and tips, sushi rice cooking, sea foods, ingredients and equipment needs.
SushiQueen Sushi School students will receive an instructual syllabus for the class. Approximate length of class is 3 hours
In this hands-on sushi class, you’ll learn practical skills from washing rice to cooking sushi rice to seasoning with sushi vinegar, and how Japanese restaurant prepares sushi seasoning, preparing sushi roll filling with veges, raw fish fillings, and how to roll sushi and learn to make sushi rolls, Nigiri sushi, and sushi hand roll. You’ll be guided to master

  • 7 types of Sushi to learn
  • Sushi chef-Secret of how to make Sushi rice, washing, cooking, and mixing with sushi seasoning.
  • How to prepare sushi rice seasoning
  • How to prepare ingredients for sushi rolls, veges, raw fish and more
  • How to prepare and skin raw fish using sushi knife
  • How to make nigiri sushi, gunkan sushi
  • How to slice raw fish using Salmon & Tuna
  • Practice How to make maki rolls, thin, inside out california rolls, big roll, and hand rolls
    • Sushi Lunch with Delicious Sake I selected to match with Sushi
    • Take home all the sushi you made made in a bento box

    You’ll receive Well documented Sushi making  guide (pdf file)with images, video references, and photos of all the ingredients We use for the sushi class.
    Where to buy sushi ingredients guide and  the addresses of where to buy Japanese products and raw fish, and where to buy Sushi Knives  in London.

    Classes are held at NW6, 5 minutes from Kirburn park road station, or 10 minutes  from West Hampstead station

    SushiQueen Taster Special

    *Let’s Roll delicious Sushi £65

    Mar 24th  Sat  11:00am – 1:00pm / 4:30pm – 6:30pm

    Apr  22nd Sun 11:00pm – 1:00pm / 3:00pm – 5:00pm

    Introduction to Sushi roling
    1- how to make sushi rice
    2- how ro make sushi rolls using sushi rolling mat
    hoso maki, inside out rolls, big rolls, & hand rolls
    3- how to prepare sushi fillings for sushi rolls

    You’ll receive sushi recipes for biginners guide, how to prepare sushi rice to
    how to make sushi rolls, and where to buy sushi supplies.
    Make home made sushi

    *Gyoza – Fish & Meat £60

    Mar 18th Sunday 11:00am – 1:00pm

    Learn how to prepare Meat, Fish and Vege Gyoza +

    yaki soba noodle

    *Master Teppanyaki Class


    Mar 17th Sat/ 12:30pm – 4;30pm
    April 14th Sat 12:30pm – 4:30pm
    May  5th    Sat 12:30pm- 4:40pm

    Learn Teppanyaki cooking from an expert Teppanyaki chef, SushiQueen is the original Teppanyaki cooking class company and guarantee unparalleled expertise and service, and Learn how to cook delicious teppanyaki meals, Steak, Fish, Prawn, Lobster, Vegetables, and Fried rice on a Teppanyaki Grill, and how to prepare your own Teriyaki & Ginger’n Onion sauce.

      This teppanyaki hibachi class is really entertaining, fun and delicious Hands-on cooking experience!If you’d prefer to book the date you’d like, please contact Keiko, which date you are planing to join!Limited to 2 students max, need 2 students to run the class.

    Teppanyaki cooking class

    • How to cook tasty egg fried rice with Garlic.
    • How to prepare Vegetables for Teppanyaki Cooking & onion volcano!
    • How to add more flavour for teppanyaki grilled vege, seafood, and meat.
    • How to grill prawns and fresh live lobster
    • How to grill Salmon, chicken, and lib eyed beef or sirloin with Teriyaki sauce
    • How to prepare Teriyaki sauce, wasabi cream sauce, Japanese BQ sauce, and pork ginger sauce
    • How to cook okonomiyaki pancake
    • All the sauces you made in the class is for you to take home, please bring the jam jars and food boxes.

    Tuition fee per session 4 hours £350 Ingredients included. Click here to Email us or call Keiko on 07727684677 If you’d like to have a private teppanyaki class, it is £400 for one, £590 for two at the comfort of your home, please ask for more infomation.( This class will feed around 4-6 people, why not learn the skill and have big delicious teppanyaki dinner with your friends and family. For Business consultation, please contact us for more information.

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