Bentobox Lunch in Japan 松花堂弁当


松花堂(syoukado bento box has a cross in the compartment, with lunch box for high-margin Kabuse蓋 lid.

Each of the partition is filled with raw fish, grilled meat or fish, simmered veges, which makes food to look good, Bento box has a combination of rice and several a variety of side dishes. Originally, Syoukado bento is created in Syowa era influenced Kaiseki (Tea Cuisine-Tea Kaiseki) by dates back to the tradition of the Edo period.

“松花堂= shoukado bento is named after Edo Period Early 石清水八幡宮(KyotoYawata, there was a monk called Shoukadou = 松花堂(1584 – 1639). He was making this type of container for keeping tobacco or paints.

The container has developed to bento box after more than several hundred years later, and Beginning of the Showa period(1933) Takashi Osaka former princely Lord generations Shikibu had held a Tea ceremony occasion in the tea room house called Shoukadou at Cherry Palace,and one of the best restaurants in Osaka The “Kichou” The founder of Yuki Teiichi, The head of the family Takashi, Jiro Takashi Nara (松庵 Takashi Izumi second generation) and ordered to prepare tea kaiseki lunch and served Kaiseki lunch with the bento box, and after this tea ceremony kaiseki at shoukado tea room, was much talked about event that it spreaded the name of shoukdo bento lunch. The cross partition that you have not only beautiful to look at, and taste and smell doesn’t transfer to other dishes.

My sister and sister in law took me out for lunch to our favorite macro-biotic restaurant in Yahata Kitakyusyu in Fukuoka. These are shoukado bento lunch I had in Japan. It didn’t come with the bento box. Gochisousama=御ちそう様でした!