Basil Pesto Japanese Fried Rice

I like Basil, the smell and the taste, and basil pestoto. I could eat French baguette with basil pesto and some cheese for lunch.

I thought basil pesto tastes so delicious with pasta, why not with rice??
So today I made basil pesto fried rice.

Olive oil ( or vegetable oil ) x 2 Tb spn
carrot x half
onion x half
garlic x 1 clove
courgette x 1/4
red pepper x 1/4
chicken x 50g
sea salt & black pepper
cut or slice  them for tiny pieces 
2 – 3cups of boiled Japanese rice
Basil pesto ( Mine is from waitrose)
Heat the oil and fry garlic and onion, and chicken,
when chicken is cooked , add the rest except the rice and season with salt and pepper,
When all the vegetables are cooked add rice, and stir to combine 
everything together, and add pesto.
and mix all together.
 I had it with takuan pickled.
I like the flavour of Olive oil and it goes well with basil pesto.
Delicious 🙂

It was a hit!

I would make shiso leaf pesto soon, and I will post here.
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