Hands on Sushi Cookery class by Chef Keiko.Discover How you could easily prepare Sushi in a few Hours learning from an Expert skills and tricks.


Bespoke and create taylor-made menu for your party and event. We cater Fresh Restaurant Quality tasty Sushi prepared in front of your guests.




Planning fun unique experiences and Spice up your Birthday party, or Hen Nite Party? Impress and Surprise your special someone, bride to be for hen do, loved ones, and guests with a Sushi making party.


We offer Sushi making Demonstrations for Business Events, Corporate parties, Business shows, Business & Private receptions, cocktail parties.

Group Sushi Sashimi Master Class

Group Master Sushi Class & Japanese cooking courses Master Sushi & Sashimi Class  3.5 to 4 hours Lesson- £125 Limited to 2-5 students in the class Nov 30th  Wed at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Dec 4th    Sun at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Jan 15th  Sun at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Feb 11th    Sat at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Hands – on Sushi cookery by Chef Keiko who is featured on C4 TV programme “The Food Chain” Master How you could easily prepare Sushi in a few Hours learning from Sushi Expert’s skills and tricks. You will master step by step how to make Sushi with lots of practical & straight forward information Sashimi fish is from the same fish monger Nobu uses You’ll learn how to prepare the perfect Sushi rice, washing, cooking and mixing. how to make your own natural Umami rich sushi vinegar seasoning how to add more flavour umami to prepare delicious sushi rice 6 types of sushi to learn how to prepare vegetables, and raw fish filling for sushi maki roll how to make big salmon avocado sushi rolls California inside out roll thin hosomaki sushi roll spicy tuna hand roll Raw Fish cutting techniques using Salmon and Tuna How to slice Raw fish for Nigiri sushi how to make sushi nigiri, basic sashimi slicing method using salmon and Tuna (Fine Quality finest fish from the same fish monger Nobu uses.) how to prepare tiger prawns for nigiri sushi Salmon nigiri, Tuna Nigiri, Prawn Nigiri Gunkan sushi Raw Fish and hygiene How to identify freshness to eat raw Sushi Etiquette Step by step sushi recipe guide in PDf document with photos, and... read more

How to cook Japanese fried rice with scallop edges

Have you ever tried Scallop edges? They are tasty and you could stir fried with vegetables, and it really goes well with fried rice. I was wondering what I could use these for cooking. Then I decided to cook fried rice with it. The juice (we call dashi from scallop) made this fried rice exceptionally tasty! Ingredients 2 bowls of Boiled rice Scallop edges x 4-8 scallops 3 x asparagus 3 x spring onion 1 clove garlic 1/4 red paprika 2 tablespon x olive oil or grapeseed oil salt & black paper dash of Japanese soy sauce – I used kikkonman soy sauce Saute garlic, spring onion, and add scallop edges, cook for 20-30 seconds and add salt & black pepper, Add asparagus, and Red paprika, and when you see the juice is coming out from the scallop edges, add Boiled Rice, and stir everything together, and add dash of soy sauce. And when you mix everthing together, it is done. Itadakimasu Learn Sushi & Sashimi cookery with Keiko Join my Teppanyaki cooking class I will tansform your kitchen to a mini Teppanyaki restaurant! Sushi Mastery class on April 13th... read more

Yam cha

I’ve been to Yam Cha in Soho, and We had nice selection of dim sum, and sweets etc with wrm sake. The place is fashinable and clean :)and it is called Yauatcha. Some dishes that we had I photographed.... read more